Industrial Safety



In an industrial environment, chemicals that are used can leak, spill  and represent a safety hazard for employees. Therefore, there is a real need for reliable and highly responsive solutions to monitor the levels of specific gas that can be toxic, inflammable or cause anoxia. Gas detectors have to monitor air quality in real-time, in several locations and across a potential large space.


Our Solutions

To monitor air quality and detect the presence of hazardous gas in industrial environments, eLichens has developed low-power micro gas sensors and a connected station that gathers multiple gas sensors.  Our solutions can be easily integrated into portable gas detectors or compact fixed stations.

The mechanical architecture of our products can be customized to meet better integration into final products.



  ultra-low-power Gas sensors


Key Features:

  • Small and compact design for an easier integration
  • Ultra-low-power consumption
  • Very low peak current
  • Simple digital communication UART interface
  • High accuracy with almost NO drift over time
  • Factory calibrated with temperature compensation
  • Fast response time
  • Certified for use in Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX)


eLichens micro-sensors can be integrated in a connected station to measure different gas and parameters depending on the application. The station is able to alert people when a specified concentration of the gas of interest has been detected thanks to an audible alarm and a LED which turns red. The station can also be connected to a control system.


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