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At eLichens, we think information is key to managing and improving air quality.

"Understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risks of indoor health concerns" (EPA). Smart air quality monitors are designed to inform people and help them take appropriate actions to better air quality that surrounds them.


Our solutions

In most cases , the air inside your house doesn't renew itself. Your intervention is needed, but how can you know that this is the right time to open the window? Maybe at this time, the air you breath is more polluted than the air outside?

To measure air quality indoor and provide this information to  you or a control system, eLichens has developed solutions to measure several types of indoor pollutants: carbon dioxide (CO2) coming from people, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) coming from off-gassing from building components, furniture, cleaning, personal care products, printing machine and Particulate Matter (PM) that includes particles of outdoor, or generated by cooking, combustion activities and of biological origins.





Key Features:

  • Small and compact design for an easier integration
  • Ultra-low-power consumption
  • Very low peak current
  • Simple digital communication UART interface
  • High accuracy with almost NO drift over time
  • Factory calibrated with temperature compensation
  • Fast response time

Its mechanical architecture can be customized to meet better integration into final product.


Indoor Air Quality Stations

eLichens sensors can be integrated into an indoor Air Quality Station which is compact, low-power and cost-optimized  to offer relevant measurement of indoor air pollutants such as CO2, VOC,  PM2.5, PM10 and also temperature, pressure, humidity and noise. The station is connected to a cloud for the data to be calibrated and treated.  Thanks to the eLichens cloud, it is also possible to have access to outdoor air quality data and provide a complete study of the air you breathe outside and inside.

Depending on the application, the station can be customized to fit the need of our customers.


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