Founded in December 2014, eLichens' mission is to provide relevant and comprehensive information about the air we breathe. The company relies on a portfolio of patents, know-how and skills that enable a complete air quality solution (sensors and services) and address both consumer electronics and industrial markets. eLichens has its offices in Grenoble, France and  in the Silicon Valley California, USA.

We are currently living in a world where everyone is impacted by air pollution. 
At eLichens, we think information is key to managing and improving air quality. That is why we have developed a complete platform that measures and predicts air quality at a very high precision. We also have developed sensors that can provide air quality information in our homes, workplace, cars… 


Why Lichens ?

Lichens derive their water and essential nutrients from the atmosphere which can lead to a rapid accumulation of pollutants. They are often used as bio-indicator of air quality.  

We are taking Lichens as our namesake because we are a digital marker of air quality.

eLichens has a mission to enable individuals to monitor their environment quality which has direct impact on ones health and well being. Our goal is to provide “connected environment sensing”
— Wahid Issa, CEO & Co-founder


What We've Achieved


November 2017

eLichens is listed amongst the 2017 Global Cleantech 100 ones to watch companies by Cleantech Group


The list seeks to highlight a group of up-and-coming companies that are catching the eye of leading investors and corporates in the market.


February 2017

Laureat of the Katerva Awards in the Smart Cities Category.



“The Katerva Award program covers the gamut of sustainable innovations – anything that has the potential to achieve greater global wealth and human well-being while reducing our impact on the planet”.

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February 2015 

Laureat of i-LAB 2015




Awarded most innovative start-up by i-LAB (France).

Competition organized by The French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation to help the creation of innovative businesses. 


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