At eLichens, we think information is key to managing and improving air quality.

Smart cities represent a great opportunity to provide relevant air quality information to communities and individuals. The pinpoint accuracy of smart air quality monitoring systems ensures that cities and citizens can closely track pollutants.



eLichens has developed a complete platform for smart city applications, based on its dense network of air quality stations and cloud models to measure and predict air quality at a very high precision. We offer impact studies to help citizens and governments take appropriate actions to improve overall air quality like: turning street to pedestrian, reducing or increasing speed on roadways and highways, increasing green spaces, optimizing city energy sources (central heating versus individual heating).

See an example of our solution deployed in Grenoble


eLichens Cloud Models



  • An easily deployable AQS Network with compact, low power and cost-effective best-in class sensors.

  • A high-resolution dispersion model with the contribution of reliable real-time data from the AQS network.

  • Data analysis to provide relevant information on Air Quality to favor the decision making for individuals, communities and government agencies in an eco-aware environment.

  • An API that offers geolocated information about major pollutants such as NO2, O3, CO, PM1 and PM2.5 anywhere in the world.

eLichens Air Quality Station


In order to offer a hyper-localized measurement of air pollutants, we offer to deliver a complete certified solution with our outdoor air quality station which is:

Compact, cost-optimized, low-power and configurable.

With multi-environmental sensors (CO2, NO2, O3, CO, PM2.5, PM10 and also Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Microphone)

Using wireless network.



 eLichens API

Hyperlocal air quality data are available everywhere in the world through our API.

What can you do with our API?


Air Quality in different city of the world real-time

You can have access with a simple request to air quality information of major pollutants (CO, O3, PM2.5, PM10, NO2) for every city in the world. In this example, air quality is determined based on the EPA ( U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) AQI (Air Quality Index). For cities where our solution is not implemented, our API gets data from worldwide concentration models and measurements from Air Quality Agencies.


the world real-time:

You have here, an example of the AQI in the cities of Milan, Paris, Lisbon, Madrid, London, Berlin and Moscow on the the 27th of March 2018 (real-time data).


Air Quality in different cities of the world forecast

It is also possible to get forecasts of a specific pollutant everywhere in the world.


world forecast:

Here is presented, the global AQI for Beijing, Milan, San Francisco, Mumbai and Paris on the 27th of March 2018 (real-time) and a forecast of the global AQI from the 27th, 11AM to the 28th of March, 9AM.


Air Quality in paris ON TWO DIFFERENT STREETS REal-TIME & high resolution

For cities such as Paris and Grenoble where eLichens solutions is deployed. Real-time and  high-resolution (street level) air quality information are available.



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